Proper administration and access to continued support are critical for your ongoing success and user adoption post go-live. We provide a multiple formats of Support and Admin services, for varying levels of need; enabling you to select the support program that’s most suitable for you. Contact us directly to discuss what support solution will work best for your team.

Admin Support Services

Our Admin Support offers a flexible solution for firms that have their own internal “Salesforce Admins” who actively maintain their systems. These admins often take shape as an “Internal Champion” or full-time staff member.  Our Admin Support will aid and support their efforts, by implementing their direction and providing value added service, and can be leveraged for any of our supported service offerings. When allocated Support Hours are consumed, additional support hours are locked in at a preferred rate.

We offer Admin Support with varying durations of commitment.

Managed Services

We offer Managed Service for those clients who require us to take more of a Leadership role in managing their Salesforce support is in order. This program enables you to delegate away the hassle of administering your CRM and other Salesforce products; leave this work to the certified professionals. Our Managed Service program is built on a bespoke basis as you likely have a unique reason or challenge for engaging us on a Managed Service basis.  Contact us to learn more and to tailor a Managed Service solution.

Managed Service Programs require an annual commitment.

How much time could you save by focusing on the things you do best, leaving the Salesforce Administration to the professions?